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Naruto Artbook #1  

This is a new project that it's about coloring the Artbook. Well, the first Artbook we are gonna do is the Naruto Artbook #1, for the second Artbook am gonna make a Multiple-Choice question so the one which has won more votes is the one we are gonna color next.

:bulletgreen: You can ask for help, just leave a comment and i will try to help you
:bulletgreen: The maximum you can color is 3 pages
:bulletgreen: When you upload the picture you must put in the description Artbook Page For :iconmangacoloring-world:

SELECT THE ONE YOU WANT TO COLOR & TELL ME BY LEAVING A COMMENT. (Am gonna put a red bullet if the page still available)

:bulletgreen: Page 1 COVER Cover 1 by MCW-Artbooks  :bulletgreen: :iconcuban29: :bulletgreen:       

:bulletgreen:Page 2 2 by MCW-Artbooks   :bulletgreen: :iconcuban29:  :bulletgreen:        

:bulletred:Page 3 3 by MCW-Artbooks      

:bulletred:Page 4 4 by MCW-Artbooks      

:bulletred:Page 5 5 by MCW-Artbooks

:bulletred:Page 6 6 by MCW-Artbooks      

:bulletred:Page 7 7 by MCW-Artbooks      

:bulletred:Page 8 8 by MCW-Artbooks      

:bulletred:Page 9 9 by MCW-Artbooks      

:bulletred:Page 10 10 by MCW-Artbooks                                                                 

:bulletgreen:Page 11 11 by MCW-Artbooks  :bulletgreen: :iconshoenengz: :bulletgreen:    

:bulletred:Page 12 12 by MCW-Artbooks    

:bulletred:Page 13 13 by MCW-Artbooks      

:bulletred:Page 14 14 by MCW-Artbooks      

:bulletred:Page 15 15 by MCW-Artbooks

:bulletred:Page 16 16 by MCW-Artbooks      

:bulletred:Page 17 17 by MCW-Artbooks      

:bulletred:Page 18 18 by MCW-Artbooks      

:bulletred:Page 19 19 by MCW-Artbooks      

:bulletred:Page 20 20 by MCW-Artbooks

:bulletred:Page 21 21 by MCW-Artbooks

(PS: It doesn't need to be perfect)
(PS 2: If you need a hexa ask me)


Important, Now we have  Twiter and Hotmail. If you need something or you have any question contact us
            Twiter: manga_ColoringW

Importante, Ahora tenemos Twiter y Hotmail. Si necesita algo o tiene alguna pregunta contactanos
             Twiter: manga_ColoringW

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